One of the most expected flicks debuting in the latter part of 2017 is the follow-up to Zack Snyder’s BvS: Justice League. It serves to introduce new characters right from the pages of DC comics (Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg) as well as continue the story of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman–all of whom had been introduced to diehard fans in the DCEU’s previous 3 outings.

Justice LeagueLast week, the marketing team at Warner bros saw fit to release a second trailer that zoned in on the 3 characters who are going to have their cinematic unveiling as well as more scenes of Batman and Wonder Woman who are credited with assembling the team. No Superman yet! recently unveiled the movie’s runtime on their website and not surprisingly this blockbuster is going to close its curtain at an ambitious 170 minutes: 22 minutes of additional footage to BvS’ runtime. Considering the scope of this project, this shouldn’t be news to the average movie goer noting that one of the facts that qualifies a blockbuster these days is at least 2 hours of  backsides being glued to sits.

Source:, HeroicHollywood


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