Information can be passed around quickly-more so through the aid of Social Media, Blogs, News Websites etc A few days ago–story broke out of a batgirl film being developed for DC by Avengers director Joss Whedon. As is the custom, it was followed by several articles on on who should play the titular character, write the script of the film and on line arguments on the eligibility of Joss Whedon to sit in the director’s chair  since he’s going to be directing a female character, It’s all so sudden and there’s every reason to see this development as an internet prank aimed at unsuspecting readers for the following reasons.


Batgirl is suited to a sidekick role:

The same reasons on why there are no talks on a War Machine or Robin standalone film: Batgirl is and has mostly been Batman’s sidekick. Considering the fact that the Batman film has just gained a new director (Matt Reeves) and is being fast-tracked for production, it makes no sense for Warner Bros to abruptly come up with an idea for a film starring his lesser known partner.


Performance of Wonder Woman at the Box Office

The concept of female comic characters  leading their own solo outings has never had a golden standard to look up to. Films like Elektra and Catwoman were duds and after those entries, Hollywood consciously failed to follow up with other fares (after all, it’s business ). Furthermore, the execs at Warner Bros were heaped with praises for green lighting the upcoming Wonder Woman film and the possibility of other comic book films being led by women lies solely on the success of how that film (Wonder Woman) performs critically and financially.


The DCEU is still in its youth

As of this writing, DC has only 3 movies to boast off -another upcoming 2 later this year with one currently being shot compared to the MCU that has amassed 14 flicks in to their cinematic universe. Given the young age of the DCEU coupled with the fact that there are other characters that should be given sole priority, it seems laughable that DC will take risks such as this when it seems it still has a wobbly feet.


Other Better Characters To Film

Simply put, batgirl is not marketable enough to audiences. Surely there are other comic personalities for DC to consider (which resonates well with fans) than batgirl. Not to take away  or discredit from the dark knight’s partner, but surely fans will warm up more to news on The Green Lantern Corps or  a  Lobo movie being developed.


Last, but not the least, it’s April Fools Day and everyone is looking to playing a good prank.




One thought on “Every Reason You Should Ignore The Batgirl Movie News Being Passed Around.

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