Calling the Star Wars Franchise a success is a gross understatement. It has transcended to become a culture, a society, an unstoppable phenomenon. But why not, after 8 films and over 5 billion dollars in box office receipts. After Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, they decided to give the franchise a soft reboot by connecting it to the original films meanwhile steering clear of the highly maligned prequels.

Rogue One Theatrical Poster


The last entry Rogue One (One of the 3 anthology films planned by Disney) opened to both critical and commercial success with a little over 1 billion at the worldwide box office and 85% on rotten tomatoes. And after all said and done, it’s perhaps time to look forward to the Han Solo’s movie: according to the laid out plans of Disney.
But in a u-turn and not a surprising one, Walt Disney decided to announce a sequel. The report came courtesy of, who had the complete statement from Lucas’ film press briefing late Friday.


The content of the announcement is positively astonishing, but not the story itself considering the fact that execs at Lucasfilm have been quoted previously saying “They have plans for Star Wars films into the 2030s” and this report goes to show how bent they are on achieving their objective. Furthermore, this is music to the ever loyal fan base of “a galaxy far far away” who seem not to be fatigued in the slightest by continuous in the series. As expected, news on casting, location and story are what the fan base are going to be watching out for.

Source: Screenrant, Imdb


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