Deadpool was definitely going to be the first of many to come. An adaptation of a foul-mouthed comic character possessing an anti-hero nature and deviating from the oft-trite Hollywood archetype lauded by by both fans and reviewers alike. Yes, it was going to be the first of many-many upcoming flicks that were going to replicate its formula and hope to achieve the same level of success if not more. After all Logan did the same: 18+, much violence and still kicking at cineplexes worldwide.

So it might not come as a shock to a few when Sony announced they were going to make an on screen version of “Venom”: an intelligent gooey alien who must attach to a host to survive. It’s quite easy to see Sony’s game plan here. First, highlight the character’s relationship with Spiderman. Second, make it rated 18+ with as much bloodshed as possible (audiences love that these days), then sit back and watch as the balance sheet increases. Whether it works or not, time will tell.


Venom Poster

Zac Efron 

However on Twitter, Zach Efron (Known for High School Musical) announced his casting as Eddie Brock: the human host of the sentient alien. The report came courtesy of his account update and has since been deleted. Noticeably—-this is quite far off from the actor’s repertoire which consists of mostly coming-of-age and comedy films. Nevertheless, for the actor to deliver a solid performance considering the film’s title, he will need to more than prove his range to win both fans and casual audiences alike  and since the film is aiming for a 2018 release date, expect more casting news in the coming days.

Source: Screenrant, Google Images


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