One of the highlights of Arrow’s previous season was “Olicity”: a portmanteau of Oliver and felicity’s relationship. In as much as the relationship ended on a rocky note towards the end of last season, season 5 for a large part had neglected to explore the aftereffect of the breakup. Furthermore, the show as gone on to pitch the two characters with new partners: more like “nothing happened, let’s move on with our lives”. Oliver now has a new girlfriend, Susan Williams (played by Carly Pope) and Felicity in turn is with Detective Malone played by Tyler Ritter (although he’s dead on the show now).

However, in a report by screenrant referencing TVline, one of the show runners Marc Guggenheim went to say that the next episode will revisit the couple’s separation. According to the interview held with the executive, he went on to say

“One of the things that we’ve always wanted to do, and I think a lot of the fans have asked for, is basically deal with the consequences of Episode 415 [when] Oliver and Felicity ended their engagement and broke up. They never really had a full-on discussion or exploration of why that breakup happened. Felicity just sort of reached her breaking point and walked out the door.It comes out of the events of 519 and, quite frankly, all the other episodes that led up to it. Something happens in 519 that really ties up this conversation.”

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

Not every fan welcomed the idea of the Oliver’s/Felicity’s relationship in season 4. Apart from the fact that there was a mini-awkwardness with the couple given their previous history, many felt that the relationship sort of took center stage and every other thing were left in the shadows. Furthermore, considering the way the relationship left on sour terms and the show seems to dillydally on having the two characters talk it out, it’s high time they have the much-needed conversation. Arrow will return on April 26th, 2017.
Source: TVline, Screenrant, Den of Geek


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