For the past 1 year or so, the future of the long running James Bond series has been in doubt. Not because of Spectre’s reviews which were less better than its predecessor or even its financial returns—again lower than the film that came before (they mustn’t all make a billion dollars). However, the uncertainty over the franchise follows current James Bond actor Daniel Craig’s offhand comments about “slashing his wrists rather than playing Bond again”. From there onward, a million and one questions has been asked if Mr Craig would reprise the role followed by a legion of articles on who would best replace him- worst case scenario should he decide to move on.

Heroic Hollywood is reporting that long time 007 producer Barbara Brocolli has been able to convince Daniel Craig to return for more film before passing on the baton to another actor. According to the story, Daniel Craig was pleased with his performance in his recent Shakespeare on stage adaptation courtesy of the positive reviews and it has serves as a motivation for the current talks he’s having with Barbara. The statement on Page 6’s website goes as thus

“Daniel was very pleased with how ‘Othello’ went and the great reviews. Now Daniel’s talks with Barbara are going in the right direction. They have a script — screen writing duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade [who’ve penned several Bond movies] are writing and they’ll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit.”

Daniel Craig

James Bond aficionados will of course be happy with this report because finally the 007 franchise is sort of back on track. Furthermore, this story will put to rest articles on several potential replacements for Daniel Craig in which names such as Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston were mentioned severally. Save to say that the execs still had faith in the actor and given the way Othello was received that belief in Mr Craig was cemented more leading to discussions of another entry in the long running franchise. Currently, Bond 25 has no release date, a script is still in the works and still no director, but if talks has started, it’s expected that the rest will fall in place.
Source: HeroicHollywood, Page 6


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