For an actor, there are certain roles that require long term commitment. Signing on to headline a television show or a movie franchise has its own perks and downsides. Which ever way, the day to call it quits and move onto other aspects of their careers is inevitable. Amid reports that Chris Evans (Captain America) was going to quit the MCU, which is no news of course comes a revelation that Robert Downey Jr’s involvement in the MCU might soon come to an end-sooner than Chris Evan’s.

Speaking with USA Today, Chris Evans went on to say—

“Downey is far closer to reaching that point where he may walk away. And I don’t know how you replace Downey as Tony Stark. I don’t know who else can touch that.”.

There are many angles to Evan’s statement, one of which is that he’s trying to shift the spotlight away from him. However, there is still reason to believe his comment. One of the successes of the MCU is thanks to Robert Downey Junior’s performance as Iron Man. The assemblage and leadership of The Avengers rest on his shoulders and he will act as a mentor to Tom Holland’s Spiderman in Homecoming.




Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man

Still, the day where Robert Downey Jr was going to hang up the “armor” and call it quits was inevitable and it all seems to point to after Avengers; Infinity War where he’ll team up with the Avengers to curb the threat of Thanos. It’s hard to see Robert Downey suit up as Iron Man beyond The Infinity Wars meaning we might not get to see Iron Man 4 unless Marvel decides to take a cue from the comics and we see a scenario where he hands the baton to Riri Williams (But in our wildest dreams). Whichever way, Evans thinks that finding a replacement for Downey is near impossible given his popularity with the character and its hard to imagine a replacement for Robert Downey Jr.

Spiderman: Homecoming will debut July 7, 2017

Source: Cinemablend, MovieWeb, USA Today


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