Marvel/Sony’s upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming has 2 obligations. First, it serves to introduce the character into the MCU. Yes, the film rights to the web slinger belongs to Sony, but his book rights has always been with Marvel. So, infusing the character among the Avengers on screen is a literal transformation right from the pages of comic books. Secondly, Homecoming aims to start another series of Spiderman films (the third one) after the Tobey Macguire and Andrew Garfield led ones. You can also include brand appeal to that.

Universes-“film or shared universes” is the slogan these days. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started the idea and today they are the standard for any studio hoping to achieve any success with it. The DCEU/Warner Bros had set out to build its own starting with Man of Steel, although with relative success. Still, as regards that area, it has had some success of its own on television (CW Universe). Paramount hopes to start a Transformers Universe and simply put, major studios are trying to latch onto this idea.
Then, is it any surprise that Spiderman’s producer hopes to see The Defender’s references in future films. According to an interview conducted by screenrant with Eric Carrol, he went on to say

“Eric Carroll: Not specifically referenced in this movie, no. I think that’s something we all think would be really fun and it’s definitely a card I would love to see played, if not sooner rather than later. But as of now, it’s not referenced in this movie.”



The Defenders

Film universes or specifically comic book film universes are based on the idea that 2 characters (though in different films, shows etc) live in the same world and at the same time and might come together to face a particular threat while still maintaining their various character arcs in their locations. Something that has played out in over 14 films released by DC and Marvel.


Eric Carrol’s comment is based on the fact that both Spiderman and The Defenders carry out their crime fighting activities in New York. And at least, if they aren’t going to come together to face a bigger threat, there should be references in Spiderman’s films acknowledging the presence of The Defenders-just the way “the big green guy” was referenced in Luke Cage. However, such an undertaking depends on both studios, if they are open to the idea or prefer their separate paths (no interference). Furthermore, Mr Carroll’s statement is more of wishful thinking based on the phrase “I think”, but at the same time he is echoing the mind of some Marvel devotees who would love to see Luke Cage and others come to Spiderman’s aid against some super villain and vice versa.

Spiderman: Homecoming will be in cinemas on July 7, 2017

Source: Screenrant, Moviepilot


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