About a month or so, the upcoming Batman film “The Batman” was in trouble. News that Ben Affleck was stepping down as director was followed by reports that he was
no longer interested in playing the caped crusader. As a result, Warner Bros was quick enough to hire War on the planet of the apes’ director Matt Reeves and things
went from seemingly-falling-apart to right-back-on-track. Every reports that Ben Affleck would no longer be involved in the DCEU were quelled because of the actor’s
welcome speech to Matt Reeves on his instagram page. Only thing that seemed doubtful was Joe Mangalieno’s involvement as the villain deathstroke.

However in a recent development, rumour mill has it that it’s not just going to be batman going solo against whichever villain Warner Bros choose to feature at the end
of the day. Cinemablend quoting Screengeek reports that the film will have the bat’s family go against the family of the big bad perhaps indicating that the scope of
the film might be larger than we thought. So far, as far as the comics can tell the dark knight’s family will include a collaboration of Nightwing, Batgirl and a few
other additions, while that of the rogues will be a combination of Amanda Waller, The Joker and Harley Quinn. Basically, they are all going to duke it out against each

Ben Affleck’s Batman

But as the title of the article suggests “Rumor Mill”—-please, please digest it with all disbelief. Apart from the fact that the film will run the risk of been overstuffed, audiences haven’t been introduced to characters like Nightwing and Batgirl. Yes, there might be information been passed around that some directors are been considered to helm their standalone flicks (At you, Joss Whedon), still there is no guarantee that we’ll get to see them before The Batman debuts. In addition to that, going in such a direction might harm the critical standings of the film as the attention might be taken away from DC’s golden egg by their second tier characters and the DCEU needs critical success going forward. There’s little if no reason at all to have faith in such reports for fans out there. Stay tuned for more news on “The Batman”


Date of The Batman’s release is unknown

Source: Cinemablend, ScreenGeek


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