With the DCEU, it seems like every other week, a new film is announced. Man of Steel 2, Gotham City Sirens, Bat Girl, Night Wing, Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, Black Adam, Justice League Dark, Lobo, Green Lantern Corps—anyone? Already, they have three films in their slate, two upcoming later this year, 1 shooting to debut in 2018, but beyond the layout and future plans of their extended universe seems hazy at best. To fans out there, the DCEU has no plan as regards the scheduling of their content. To simplify, the schedule of Warner and Co is a patchwork of project ideas with no solid structure.

The Trinity

However, the DCEU isn’t as random as folks make it out to be. If anything, their plans are properly laid out, but for it to take a more visible shape, other factors have to be taken into consideration. And what are they? Firstly, Man of Steel 2 and BvS underperformed at the box office with the exception of Suicide Squad on which everyone agreed was financially successful. The execs at Warner Bros wants to verify the financial viability of their burgeoning universe by seeing how much moola Wonder Woman and Justice League rakes in at the box office. If they bomb (hopefully, they do not), then bye bye to D.C films after Aquaman. But on the safe side if they perform as expected, then knowing the financial capacity and profitability of their projects, a new framework and template for all the films will be known to the public. Expect some release dates.
It’s all common sense by the people at Warner Bros. As the saying goes, “Don’t put the cart before the horse”. Don’t carve a structure for upcoming films when you still have doubts about how the current ones will perform – financially of course. So it all falls back on how “Princess Diana” and “The United Seven” are able to command audiences to theaters come July and November. If as much as one of them falls below the expected profitable standard, then there is every reason for fans out there to doubt the continuity of the DCEU. However, if they meet expected targets individually, then rest assured, the DCEU is on track. Then what seemed like random actions, and poor planning will begin to take shape gradually thanks to the the renewed confidence of how well these movies can perform in the mind of execs. See it from their own perspective and not yours!


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