Dolph Lungren has joined the cast of Aquaman as King Nereus. The DCEU’s 6th entry which is going to conclude its preproduction and start shooting sometime this year has dished out a couple of casting news recently. Dolph Lungren is the latest addition to the likes of Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson. It’s also noteworthy that the actor played Kovar on CW’s Arrow.

Dolph Lundgren

King Nereus is the king of Xebel: a rival city to Atlantis and home to Queen Mera. In the comics,  he is one of Mera’s love interest and has squared off against Aquaman severally. He’s expected to play a villain on screen in addition to Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master. The reports came courtesy of Screenrant citing THR as their source. Dolph Lundgren’s menacing attributes makes him an easy choice for any villainous role and we look forward to seeing what he’ll bring to the role come 2018.

Source: Screenrant, THR


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