Gone are the days when Hollywood flicks were at the mercy of reviewers. If not anything else, recent occurrences prove that there are some films that will do well financially regardless of the critical bashing they get from critics. The Fate Of The Furious is one of such. However, it’s not the franchise’s imperviousness to reviews that surprises one. Because given that it has a rating of 64% on rotten tomatoes, it still went on to become the highest opening in the “dom and family get together”. Even that is not new given how the previous films have performed at cineplexes worldwide. But the pertinent question to ask and ponder upon as regards this issue is “How Come”. How come is it that The Fast and Furious Franchise now holds the record for largest worldwide opening: a feat previously held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, how come. The reasons below attempts to highlight why.


  • Paul Walker’s Death: Having appeared in 5 films prior to the Furious 7, Paul Walker was no doubt of significance to the franchise, but following his death back in 2013, the producers were left in a tight spot. At a point they were considering ending the whole production, but thanks to Walker’s siblings, they were able to generate his image perfectly on-screen. But the whole world were surprised at the passing of the actor and many were eager to see how the film would handle his character’s arc knowing that he passed away when the film was halfway into production. The end result is that it boosted the financial performance of Furious 7 to 1.5 billion dollars: one of their many success stories to come.


  • China: they are the second largest market for Hollywood films. According to some experts, in a few years, China might overtake the U.S as the largest market for Hollywood films. To buttress this fact, some films are considered box office success because of how much they were able to garner in the “oriental giant” a la Pacific Rim and War Craft. As regards the juggernaut opening of The Fate Of The Furious, China played a pivotal role, bringing in 190 million dollars about twice the amount the film made in the U.S. Never write them out!
Fate Of The Furious Poster


  • Ability of each entry to outdo previous ones: Remember Fast Five, cars zooming through the expressways of Rio with bank vaults tethered to them. Then in Fast 6, that special Owen Shaw’s monster that threw cars into the air as if nothing. Followed by Furious 7 where we had cars jumping out of planes or moving from one sky scraper into the other. All these goes to show how the film makers are willing to outdo previous entries in the series. Of course, why not. One of the selling points of The Fast and Furious Franchise is to deliver high-octane car chases with unbelievable stunts whose plausibility is highly deniable. And this is turn has brought in audiences in droves to see what next they have in store for fans. The wow factor just keeps getting better!


  • Marketing: Naturally, folks were eager to see why Dom had turned on his family- something that was played up during the trailers since the overarching theme in the franchise is—“Family”. So if Dom has turned against his love ones, there must be something seriously up and instantly casual movie goers were hooked and their curiosity heightened and consequently no surprises at the numbers.

The Fate Of The Furious is currently playing in cinemas.

Image Source: Imdb


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