Yipee all Marvelites! The much awaited news on Captain Marvel’s directors is here. According to a report on Screenrant via Variety, Anna Boden and  Ryan Fleck will be in charge of the MCU’s first female on-screen comic character. However, the news hasn’t been made official by the execs at Marvel. So it’s still safe to believe this news with a teeny-weeny bit of doubt.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel


The duo are responsible for a number of T.V shows and their film experience is limited to independent films like Mississippi Grind. And since Marvel has decided to go for a relatively pair of unknown directors, it’ll be quite interesting to see what they bring to this universe knowing this is not the first time Marvel has hired an independent director to take over one of their properties. James Gunn, anyone? In terms of casting, more news is expected in the coming weeks since as Brie Larson is the only confirmed member playing the titular character.

Captain Marvel will debut in cinemas on March 8, 2019

Source: Screenrant, Variety


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