The Season 7 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones will premiere on the 16th of July, 2017 with only seven episodes. In anticipation of the acclaimed series, HBO has released a slew of images containing some key characters and allies.


Jon Snow.jpg
Jon Snow
Cersei and Jaimee.jpg
Queen Cersei and Lord Jaimee
Daenerys and Tyrion.jpg
Dragon Queen Daenerys and Tyrion
Sansa and Lord Baelysh.jpg
Sansa and Lord Baelysh

The images surely tease what is to come in the coming season. Jon Snow is now the King of the North, something that wouldn’t go down too well with Sansa and who in turn might heed to Lord Baelysh’s counsel. Jaimee as always stands with Queen Cersei meaning he is unperturbed at the death of his kids. Arya is still alone on her revenge mission. And finally Tyrion and Daenerys find themselves in Westeros!

Source: HBO, THR


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