Potential Spoilers!

      HBO recently released some high-definition photos of the cast of GOT teasing their character arcs in the coming season as well as possible allies. However, none of the images teased the death of any cast. In a report by clicklancashire, major cast members renewed their contracts for Season 7 and Season 8 except for Lena Heady’s Cersie. As a result, fans have went to say that the character might not survive past the next season.

Cersei and Jaimee

         Yes, they are just theories by aficionados who are longing for the upcoming season, but there is no reason rule it out yet. If anything, then the stories are true looking at the fact there’s no need for contract renewal when the character’s arc will end in the next season. Only by waiting for Season 7 to premiere will we know whether this pans out to be true.

Season 8 of GOT will premiere on July 16, 2017.



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