Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn is one of the front-runners to direct the DCEU’S The Flash. Robert Zemeckis is also being considered in case negotiations with Mr Vaughn doesn’t pan out. From the get go, The Flash has been one of most DC’s troubled possessions after already having lost two directors in the person of Seth Graeme Smith and Rick Famuyiwa. In addition to that, the release date of the film was shifted from 2018 to an unknown date later in the future coupled with that are stories of Ezra Miller who’s to play the titular character’s workload. 

The Flash

However, at the end of the day, the workload of both directors in the coming years will determine who Warner Bros chooses for the gig since both are immensely qualified to tackle comic book properties in the universe. Matthew Vaughn already known for X-men: First Class and Robert Zemeckis being responsible for many award-winning features in Hollywood. If any of the stories about these directors being considered for directing The Flash is true, then it’s expected that Warner and Co will make choice soon

Source: Variety


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