Less than three weeks to the release of Warner Bros’ highly anticipated female led comic book feature: Wonder Woman. Reactions from early screening held for the film has started finding its way on line. Screeenrant was able to capture some tweets of critics:


#WonderWoman is the best DCEU film so far. The heart of Gal Gadot’s Diana powers it, and the shift from mythic into WWI story really works.”

“Loved WONDER WOMAN. She reminds me of Christopher Reeve’s Superman: true north superhero w/ no angst or cynicism, which is needed right now.”

“WONDER WOMAN: Easily my favorite DCEU film. Has the humor and heart the franchise so desperately needs. Gadot and Pine are charming as hell.”

“Very pleased to report that is the best DC movie since THE DARK KNIGHT. I’m already looking forward to seeing it again.”

has some of the coolest, most insanely well-performed, and badass fight scenes ever; singularly choreographed + shot. And fun!”

“The most wonderful thing about WONDER WOMAN is the wonderful Wonder Woman. Gal IS Wonder Woman. Now then, about WONDER WOMAN”

Considering the fact that BvS had the same positive reaction prior to its release, some might take this with a pinch of salt citing that reviews from critics isn’t out yet. Still it’s worth considering that the expressions above are from professional reviewers and not fans. Additionally, if the film turns out to be universally accepted, then this might be the positive change of pace that the DCEU needs.

Source: Screenrant Twitter.com 

Wonder Woman debuts on June 2nd 2017




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